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Make Living Room come alive with short throw projectors

Gone are those days when we had to trip on the muddled wires of the projector and the laptop that were placed kilometers apart from the screen, to implicate a certain image on the screen.

We are growing along with the technology, and this is rightly revealed in the products that are released in the market today. These products are making our life simpler and less chaotic.

Short Throw Projectors are one such invention that has solved the declared long mystery of creating a colossal image on a screen in a confined space. The normal projectors that we used a few years ago, worked just fine, expect for the fact that creating a colossal image on screen was a task, when subjected to the throw distance.

However, our prayers are answered with the invention of a Short throw projector that has simplified the confined spaces.

Buying a Short throw projector

One of the main technical aspect is the throw ratio. To understand the throw ratio, imagine a torch in a dark room. As the torch moves closer to the wall, the light gets brighter and diminishes to a smaller circle while the opposite happens when moved farther apart. This mathematical calculation is called the throw ratio.

It is the distance of the projector from the screen, compared to the screen size. To achieve a 60-inch image on the screen with a throw ratio of 1:5:1, the projector ought to be distanced at 7.5 feet (2.29 m) away from the screen.

Uses of short throw projectors

Not all situations crave short throw projectors. The one’s that require them are:

  • Home theaters.
  • Small conference rooms with minimal guests and participation
  • Small class rooms

Pros of using Short throw projectors

  • Does not glare during presentation
  • Due to the shorter distance they’re placed in, the distraction from the shadows and the obstruction of the image is diminished.
  • Brighter and bigger images are achievable even with lower lumen projectors.

 Cons of using Short throw projectors

  • Cannot have shadow puppets 
  • The fans from the projector instrument can be noisy, especially in confined places. In such cases, lower lbs are preferred
  • Installation can be timed consuming when compared to the normal ones.
  • Most of them are not accompanied by zoom options

Bottom Line

Short throw projectors are mainly popular for their features of saving time and perform effectively in situations where the normal projectors fail to achieve the required results. Although there exist various types of Short throw projectors, it is better to surf the Internet for some clear picture and understanding as every model is designed for different needs of the company or the room they’re installed in.

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