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Why Should Leaves be Shredded as Much as Compost?

Mulch is the shredded leaves, which is either disposed of or used for farming purposes. From the growth to removing leaves, all processes involved form a cycle to keep the plants healthy. Compost for the trees and other plants are shredded into shards to make it easier to transport to the area requiring it. When shredding leaves, you must make sure to cut it pieces of size as small as that of compost or mulch. You might be confused as to why this is done. Leaves are shredded to such a small size for various reasons. Let us look at some of those reasons.

Reasons for Leaves to Be Shredded

·       Efficient Disposal

As the fall approaches, you need to be prepared to clear the bunch of leaves in your garden. The dried leaves will pile up to make a mess within a few days. Clearing alone will not help you be done with the cleaning of your garden. The next strenuous task would be to find a way to dispose of the leaves. Shredding them would be the ideal way of approaching a method of disposal. It is the most effective idea, regardless of the purpose of it. Many users shred the leaves to use them for the landscape. This is a great way to use those laves, but it wouldn’t the most effective way of utilizing the tool. Check out Leaf Shredder: Your Vital Tool for the Best Compost and Mulch to find a few tips to using the shredders the right way.

If you plan to dispose of the leaves, make sure to shred them. Fewer spaces will be left when you stuff them into bags. The physical aspect of the small-sized shreds taking up lesser space and leaving no gaps in the bag make shredding an essential step before disposal. More leaves can be crammed into each bag when in shreds. Only fewer bags are required for the disposal of leaves. When considered on a large scale, the expenses to dispose of leaves will be significantly low when they shredded.

·       Better Mulch

The penetration of air and water to the soil is made easier with the best mulches. Plant health is promoted with a higher quality of mulch and compost. This factor needs to be considered if the spring rolls around again and not when the vegetable gardens are having a hard time in the winter. If leaves are used as mulch without shredding, the surface laid will mat down to form an impervious layer. Water will run off, and the leaves will not be able to breathe properly. The plants in the garden bed can suffer in such a state without any form of medium to let in air or water. Leaf mulch doesn’t remain as such forever, and if you are into organic gardening, you will appreciate this fact. The mulch will decompose to be available to the plants as nutrients. This process can be hastened if the leaves used are shredded.

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